A Commitment to Sustainable Innovation and Security

Step into a realm where imagination knows no bounds, and creativity is the key to unlocking endless possibilities. Our world is a canvas for your wildest ideas to come to life.

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About Us

We are a passionate team dedicated to delivering exceptional results. With a focus on innovation and excellence, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and dreams.

Passion for Creating Secure Spaces as a Service

We blend creativity with deep technical understanding in surveillance systems, integrated access control and building automation, backed by cloud services.

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Security Strategies: Consultations

We don’t just provide advice; we compose strategies that resonate with the unique rhythm of your environment. Like an artist with a palette, we blend technical expertise with a personal touch, creating security symphonies tailored to your individual requirements.

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AI Analytics for Enhanced Security

Within this ever-evolving landscape, we stand as your safety partners. Our support is not a mere service; it’s a dedication to ensuring that your security solutions evolve seamlessly, adapting to the dynamic melody of your changing needs

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Project Orchestration

Embark on a secure journey with our expert project management – a symphony of meticulous planning and flawless execution. We lead the integration of access control, building automation, AI analytics, surveillance (CCTV), and the ethereal realm of cybersecurity services. Each note plays a part in crafting security that seamlessly resonates with your spaces. Managing Projects
We play a part in crafting security that seamlessly resonates with your spaces, from the user end to your business environment. Creating a secure and seamless experience end to end.

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Surveillance Design

Witness security unfold with our surveillance solutions – a choreography of advanced technologies ensuring a vigilant AI powered eye on your premises. From cutting-edge camera systems to AI intelligent analytics, we orchestrate a seamless surveillance experience, ensuring your spaces are guarded with precision.

Human-Centric Security Design

Shifting focus from increasing awareness to fostering behavioral change, we adopt human-centric security design practices. Security behavior and culture programs (SBCPs) encapsulate an enterprise-wide approach to minimizing cybersecurity incidents associated with employee behavior.

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Security Audits: A Thorough Overture

Our security audits are a meticulous overture, ensuring the resilience of your entire security ecosystem. From identity and access management (IAM) to continuous threat exposure management (CTEM), we delve into every layer, every note, fortifying your premises against potential threats.

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Cybersecurity Integration

Within this symphony of security, we don’t just secure physical spaces – we unify realms of the physical and safeguard your digital metaverse. Our expertise extends to seamless integration across realms – access control, building automation, surveillance, and the ethereal dance of cloud and local services. It’s a harmonious composition that ensures both your physical and digital domains are resilient and secure.

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Integrated Access Control

In our studio, advanced installations and system design are our brushes, painting security across access control, building automation, surveillance, and the vast canvas of cloud and local services. Our solutions transcend conventional boundaries, providing security that harmonizes with the soul of your spaces.

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Identity & Access Management (IAM)

As organizations shift to an identity-first approach, we focus on strengthening and leveraging IAM. The identity fabric becomes a crucial part of your security composition, ensuring IAM capabilities are positioned to support the breadth of your overall security program.

Empowering U in SecYourity

“At Edge Services, we redefine security as a cooperative, ethical, and AI empowered endeavor. Our vision transcends conventional norms, crafting a resilient narrative in a complex world. We see, security beyond just protection; it’s an inventive exploration within the parameters of possibilities, embodying the essence of ‘securitas’—freedom from worry.”

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